Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Happiness Project - Getting Started

Today was the 8th day that I didn't go to work because of my illness. Actually, staying at home and doing nothing does not help improve my health at all. However, as I have already applied for a 2 week sick leave, I want to spend it wisely and meaningfully instead of sitting at home and worrying about my illness and work.

I spent the first 5 days of my leave reading the book, The Happiness Project, making notes in the book and highlighting quotes and sentences that I found meaningful for me.

To start such a annual project which is expected to change my entire year if not the rest of my life is very challenging. It includes so much work from:
1. trying to know more about myself
2. identifying the purpose of my project
3. analysing areas that I want to improve
4. planning my resolutions and putting them into different months of the year
5. following the schedule and doing the resolutions
6. filling in checklist to check my progress (not to mention making checklists!)

After all, I figured that the easiest way to start such a huge project is simply to START!!!
So I started by making a very simple year plan with all the resolutions of each month. I found this beautiful artwork from google images (Bluebirds represent Happiness) and I used it to decorate my year plan. At this stage, I did not want to include any details because I knew that I can add little details according to my progress and how I feel every now and then. Also, it is always instrumental to revise and analyse your plan from time to time.
After that, I printed this beautiful poster out, framed and put it on my wall immediately. At that moment, I had the feeling that my project was really 'starting' and my life is really going to be changed if I am willing to stick to my plan like Gretchen did.

Then, I dedicated my whole afternoon in front of the computer reflecting my life, my problems, my weaknesses and areas I want to improve. So I came up with my aim of the project and my April and May resolutions after 2 hours of in depth thinking.

My aim may sound terribly stupid to some of you but after being a person who only concentrated on the negative sides of everything in life, who spent most of her 26 years worrying about different things and who has never ever wanted to be happy, writing down these two purposes has already marked a change in her attitude. 

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