Thursday, 27 March 2014

April Resolutions: kick-started !!!

Today was the 9th day since I didn't go to work. This first sentence already sounded very pathetic for a lot of people. However, I was very excited today because I was starting a whole new, big and happy project today!

Gretchen was right, taking up new challenges like starting a new project can boost a person's happiness level, because at this moment, I can proudly say that it is my most exciting day since my sick leave has started.


However, I have to admit that, deep down in my heart, I am already worrying about the results of the project, the effectiveness, the amount of effort I will have to spend and my ability to continue the project after I start working again.

Enjoy the process

But Gretchen always reminded us in the book that we should not worry too much about the results but learn to enjoy the process. Therefore, again, I try to enjoy my process of making April Resolutions by downloading cute fonts from and adding a little bluebird image to match the colour of the chart.

Have a clear measurement and be realistic

The process was surprisingly enjoyable. Before I put down every resolution, I analyse my ability of fulfilling these resolutions and specific assessments that I will use to measure the achievement of my goals every day. So I added this remark section on the right hand side to provide little specific details of my every resolutions.

For example, by my first resolution - exercising 3 days a week. Specifically, I mean to do exercise for 20 minutes every day and 3 days every week. So at the end of the week, I need have 3 ticks in that column.

I also included 'try weight lifting'. I used the word 'try' because I clearly know that I will not be able to do weight lifting 3 times a week because I don't have the equipment I need at home and I will not have the time to travel to gym during work days. Therefore, I may try to do it at weekends when I have time to travel to the gym.

By being realistic, resolutions become easier to be achieved and achieving each resolutions every day can surely bring me some great sense of achievements.

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