Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day ONE of my Happiness Project - It has made changes !

Day One

Stretch for 15mins every day

I started my day with a relaxing stretching exercise. To prevent me from giving up after 2 minutes (and to enjoy the process), I put my notebook computer on my bed and played a youtube video that lasts at least 15minutes. So I picked Fleurdeforce's haul video and did stretching for a solid 15minutes.
If you don't know Fleur, make sure that you check
out her videos! She is amazing.

Act with Energy 

This is usually when I jump right into my bed again and take a long nap. I clearly know that these long naps can never boost my energy. They only make me want to sleep until the next day. So I sat in front of my table, took out my beautiful new diary and started to write a to-do-list.

A to-do-list is very instrumental for me. I am very good at following plans but I am very lazy to make one sometimes. If I don't have a plan for the day, I usually ended up wasting my whole day in bed playing iPhone apps, taking naps and watching youtube videos and even worse, become unhappy and grumpy about myself not being productive during the day.

Cross out 90% of my to-do-list

Within 3 hours, I efficiently crossed out 4 items on my to-do-list including getting a shampoo (I used up my shampoo for a week already and was using my boyfriend's shampoo), cleaning my table, seeing a doctor (which I should have done two days ago) and getting a hair cut (I have waited for months to get one).
The dinner was so nice
Food from Simply Life never
disappoints me!

When I met my boyfriend for dinner, he surprised my by asking, "why are you so cheerful today?" I was very happy because I started a project that can improve the quality of my life and I was doing very well so far.

I was hoping that he may notice my new hair cut...

Exercise for 20 minutes each day 3 days a week

I would like to take my challenge of the day to the next level. In all the resolutions of the month, doing 20minutes exercise per day for 3 days in a week is the most challenging goal for me.

Living in a place called Hong Kong means you have to work from early in the morning until very late at night. When I am home, it is usually around 7-8 p.m. After dinner and a quick shower, even if I am very lucky that I don't have to do extra work that night, it is already 9-10 p.m. According to the resolution, to boost energy needs at least 7-8 hours sleep every day. To achieve that I have to sleep at 10 p.m. which is right after my shower. Therefore, I spent 30minutes thinking about the possible ways to achieve the goal before I put it down on the chart.

I decided to do a solid 20minutes exercise before I go to bed every day! Just the thought of doing it is already making me excited (because doing new things excites people). Fortunately, I found this very useful and fun Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for beginners on youtube.

I love the video so much because in just 20 minutes, it included so many different kinds of moves and exercises that made the whole working out experience less boring. All the moves it asked you to do were very easy to follow. After 20 minutes I was already sweating and feeling very refreshed.

Good night world ! 


Overall, the first day of my Happiness Project went so much better than my expectation. I was not expecting any change in mood on the first month not to mention, the first day. However, after following my resolutions for one day, I feel happier for the following reasons:
1. I fulfil my tasks (sense of achievement)
2. I did many things that help improve my health (I am going to be healthier)
3. I feel excited because I have lots of fun things to do every day (not only work work and sleep)
4. My boyfriend is happy to see my change and excited about my plan (because he likes to see me happy)

* I hope that I will keep following my plan and I will update my progress after 5 days so I can make a review about how I am doing in the first week. 

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